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Working Out On Vacation:

March 28th, 2019
Posted in FIT LIFE

I know what you’re thinking… workouts on vacation girl?!?

My answer in short… “YES!”

While I’m all for fun in the sun & relaxation, I still find it important to keep working towards my goals while enjoying vacation. What that looks like is different for everyone, but here’s what helps me…

  • Planning ahead– my husband and I are both workout junkies so planning workouts into our schedules helps hold us accountable while away from our normal routine.
  • Being flexible– traveling with kids, we have to be flexible and prepared for anything. Ex: If one of our kiddos gets sick on vacation we may end up having to skip a workout or cut it short. This would just mean readjusting and getting back on track with workouts when possible which leads me to my next point…
  • Pack workout equipment– when traveling bringing workout bands is always in style and a necessity! In addition to bands, I would suggest a fitness tracker (for me it’s my Apple Watch) to monitor daily step intake, heart rate, calories burned etc.
  • Download “My Fitness Pal,”in the App Store on your phone. There are many apps that you can log your food on, and that also factor in your current calories from your step intake etc., but this so far has been my favorite. You can track your weight loss goals, your macros etc. it’s absolutely amazing and a great way to help you stay on track with your eating while traveling. My Apple Watch is synced with this app which makes everything even easier to manage.
  • Music- If the music is crankin’, then so am I. Do yourself a favor & download some pre made workout playlist on Apple music or Spotify, if you’re like me & love a good rhythm… warm to workout to cool down, you may want to create your own. Whatever you do, get your music together before traveling & don’t forget to pack your favorite headphones or portable blue tooth speaker which are great for having music poolside also! Win win!
  • Commit- Again, I know working out isn’t exactly what everyone wants to do on vacation… But I promise you you will be so glad that you did!! You’ll look better! You’ll feel amazing! AND, you’ll probably be able to squeeze in some extra calories aka cheat meals, and yummy food is always a reason to workout.

Here are some links to my travel essentials:

Workout Bands:


Apple Watch:


A great alternative to the Apple Watches are Fitbits. There are so many options:


Food tracker:


Headphones/ Bluetooth Speaker:


I love my Bose speaker but anything will do! Amazon always has great options that are also cost effective!

https://www.beatsbydre.com/ you really can’t go wrong with any quality headphone brand but Beats By Dre has never disappointed! I will add though that many studies are suggesting that using Bluetooth headphones less or not at all is a great thing to practice or begin practicing because of the radiation emitted. Studies also say the levels are too low to be dangerous, so really it’s about doing your own research and deciding what is best for you!

OK, so those are a couple of tips to help you keep up their workouts while on vacation. Besides staying hydrated and following my tips above, make sure to keep your workouts fun and remember that you don’t have to be in the gym all day. You can have a super effective workout by just really being present for 30 minutes and utilizing max interval training… whether in the gym, or in your hotel room, you can work up a good sweat and keep your body fit!

Happy Vacaying!




Here’s a bonus hotel room workout for you

  1. Warm Up: Jog in place or do jumping jacks (5 min)
  2. Workout: Jump Squats (10-15 reps). Single leg dead lift (10-15 reps). Wall sit (60 seconds). Single leg lunges (10-15 reps). Chair dips (10-15 reps). Russian twists (30-60 seconds). Superman’s (10-15 reps). Plank (30-60 seconds).
  3. Cool Down: Stretch 10 minutes. Feel free to incorporate some yoga moves and focus on your breath.
  4. Repeat this series for at least rounds. Use bands for added resistance- you will be sweating and you will feel the burn. If you continue this workout, you’ll be able to shave time off. This should take about 20-30 minutes depending on your fitness level!
  5. Enjoy! If you do this workout please tag me! #HeavDfit #QUEENfitNglam

“You don’t get the buns you want by sitting on them.”

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