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When Your Mom Is Your Substitute Teacher

November 10th, 2017
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Yesterday, I had the privilege of surprising my son as his substitute teacher. When I walked in yesterday afternoon, his face completely lit up and he ran over to me giving me a big hug, yelling,” momma!” I love hearing that! #SoSweet

I can’t lie, I was excited to see him also. I’ve always loved teaching, and being able to be hands-on with my son and his peers in the classroom setting was really a special treat!

It has been a while since I’ve been around Squirrley, Wiggly little humans in the classroom, but it really was a fun time, and reminded me why I love education so much. Educators truly have a special job, although they don’t get enough recognition. Granted, as parents it is our duty to raise and teach our children at home… many of us send our children off to be educated at school.

I don’t take that lightly. Personally, I don’t allow my children to be anywhere, with anyone that I don’t feel is safe, or that will treat my children right. With that being said, a large responsibility falls on the shoulders of educators, to not only educate our children but, protect them, love them, look after them, encourage them, be there for them etc. while our children are in our absence. That takes a special kind of person.

To this day, I can rattle off my favorite teachers… The ones who had the greatest impact on my life, and even helped shape my love of music and sports. I can also recall educators that I wasn’t very fond of; in third grade I had a teacher who used to talk down to me. She would speak badly about myself and family to my face… bringing up our economic status, race, and even take jabs at me about my outward appearance (clothing), and hygiene. I️t got to the point I didn’t want to attend school, and my mother knowing how much I loved school and learning was very active in finding out what was going on. I was eight years old; I️ was scared to tell my mom what was going on, and embarrassed even. When I finally did, she was at the school immediately to handle the matter. She went to bat for me, she talked to the teacher, principal, school board etc. when it was all said and done, that teacher was no longer there.

It took me a while to regain my confidence and to love/enjoy school again. The next teacher I had was absolutely amazing and I will always love her tremendously. Mrs. Turner… the educator who loved on me, poured into me so much and helped me find my way again. I excelled in her class. My love of reading started there (I️ was in the accelerated reading group) and has only grown since then.

I say all that, to reiterate the point I made above. Educators can have a large impact on our children. They can either help our children, or hurt them. But, at the end of the day… It is our responsibility to be hands-on, and present in our kiddos life in all aspects, which includes making sure they are surrounded by educators who will help them grow and most importantly raising them and teaching them ourselves.

If we aren’t raising our children, that means someone else is. Thank you to all the educators out there who are doing an amazing job looking after our children, and who truly have a heart to serve. Being a substitute yesterday definitely was a reminder as to why I obtained my masters in early childhood education; I love children and being able to make a positive impact on their lives is huge to me!

To my son, “I love you and I am so proud of you! Keep working hard; you’re doing amazing!” Xoxo,


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