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The Juggling Act: 3 Birthdays! 1 Day!

October 4th, 2018
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Often times people ask me what is like having 3 kids with the same birthday; it’s amazing… being able to have one big birthday party has been so much fun for all of our friends and family! Growing up, birthdays were ALWAYS a big deal and nothing has changed now! My love of celebrating has trickled down to our children; we always go BIG!

As you can imagine, our birthday parties are huge! Our goal is always to make each kiddo feel special, and allow them to make choices for their themes, cake flavors, decorations, party songs etc.

We’ve had birthday parties with all the same theme (power rangers), and others where they all branch out and do their own thing! Our kiddos are individuals and we find it important for them to be able to celebrate their birthdays with the things and people they love!

This last party was definitely one for the books! The themes picked were: Black Panther, Minions & Unicorns.

A few weeks after their party, we added a newborn to the family! She did make the August cut off, but not the same day. Needless to say, August is a big celebration month for us! I’m not sure how we will keep outdoing previous parties but we will make sure our kiddos always have fun!

Details are key when it comes to decorating! At this point I consider myself a party pro! I have so much fun picking out decorations with input from the kiddos as well. My hands have been pretty full so I’ve cut back on some hand made decor, but my good friend Liz Simon has come through big time for me in this area. She’s a master party planner and she always helps bring our vision to life… from the decorations, to the desserts tables as well as vendors that suit our party needs. She did same day set up and tear down, communicating with vendors, custom treats & dessert buffets and even partied with us!

To check out more of her work: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006049988785 Book her for your next event!

Being the fashionista that I am, we make sure to incorporate birthday theme clothing for the entire family, wearing custom t shirts, sneakers and more!

https://instagram.com/ceoapparel901?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1fksejtiqbwg5 @ceoapparel & @lollipopcreations12 https://instagram.com/lollipopcreations12?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=weajutbkg50 are a few of my favorite artists for custom clothes and shoes! Make sure you check out their work and if you place an order, tell them I sent you!

In a nutshell, here’s a short list of things to make any kid party special:

  • Unique venue- something that aesthetically will wok with theme(s) and will provide enough space for your guests. It’s always fun to find a venue that has a unique look, that is clean, and provides amenities. The more you can get out of your venue, the easier job is when decorating, and accommodating guests. Also, you’ll want to be sure those working your event are cordial, kind, and helpful! We have been blessed to work with amazing staff at the venue we’ve used for our kiddos parties the last few years! They are so amazing and so good with kids!
  • Vendors- who doesn’t love added surprises to the party? In my opinion, music is a game changer for the party atmosphere, so we ALWAYS get a DJ! The dance floor is always a hit! In addition to the DJ, our kids parties always have face painting and ballon animals. And, this year we took it a step further and had a minion character surprise our kiddos!
  • Treats- this may very well be my favorite part of the parties 🙂 I have such a sweet tooth, so having the best tasting cake and desserts is crucial. We love being able to have creativity with the design of our cakes so for us, having a baker that specializes in custom cake work is important. Typically we have a dessert or candy buffet of some sort with themed treats. The guests always love having dessert options, and fill their goodie bags to the brim!
  • Decor- where do I even begin? Get creative! Pinterest and Instagram are your friends! Even Etsy has some great decor ideas. If you find something you like, but can make it for less or create a similar version- do that! Do what works! I found a lot of stuff on Amazon and then searched online to find ideas that I liked and shopped around for simple and creative pieces to jazz up. Sometimes less is more! You don’t have to spend an insane amount of money to make your party look amazing!
  • Food- kid friendly food is always the way to go! Chicken tenders, fries, pizza, hot dogs… you know, the good stuff! Adults love it too, but if you want to cater to them a little bit, wings are always a good idea!
  • Event planner- depending on your needs you can have a planner for the duration or the day of! You don’t have to take on the complete work load- make your load lighter by finding a professional to help in this area. I used to do everything. I almost felt like I had to as a mom, but over time I realized asking for help not only frees up my time and keeps my “stress level,” lol, but also provides me more time with our kiddos leading up to and especially on the day of the party, instead of getting up early, going to decorate, rushing home and then back to the party to celebrate and then tear down. If you’re unsure about using a planner- just try it! Thank me later!

If you have any more kid party questions, feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email, but for now… this is how we roll when it comes to juggling 3 kiddos with the same birthday!

We have so much fun even though the process can be a little tedious! It’s totally worth it!

Until next time, be blessed!



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