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Pro Bowl 2018: Team Daniels Takes Orlando

February 27th, 2018
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Some experiences are hard to put into words, and seeing my husband play in his first pro bowl definitely falls into that category… not because I don’t know what happened, or how I feel about it… but moreso because my words won’t give justice to how proud I am of him, and how grateful I am GOD gave him that opportunity! We have been praying about it for years, and we just really had to learn to trust the process… And fully relinquish any control we thought we had (voting campaigns, etc) which we never had in the first place LOL. It is definitely all about GOD’s timing and it truly was perfect!

When the voting results came out, we knew that he was an alternate and given the situation of other teams still in the playoffs, we knew there would be a slight chance that he may have the opportunity to go. But,when it became… it was somewhat surreal. I remember just how excited my husband was to get the phone call that he was in! He was headed to his first pro bowl!

What was most special about getting the news is that we had really been praying about it. Now, we always pray about everything… But this last year was filled with many circumstances where we saw God do major work! Any situation, concern etc. in regards to anything….when we prayed about it, he would shift things around for us… I mean literally, favor! Everything we “stressed,” about He fixed… opportunities we prayed about, he opened the doors. We are so thankful for GOD’s blessings!

We seriously had so much fun in Orlando! Team Daniels was deep; we brought our parents, children, a few of our siblings that were able to make it & a few close family friends as well!

We didn’t know what expect, but everything was so well put together. Resort was absolutely amazing… So beautiful, and it was so cool to see it completely decked out in pro bowl decor… NFC and AFC postings, banners etc. there was so much for the families to do… And everything was set up for our convenience. If we wanted to head over and watch the practices, they have shuttle buses for the families running every 20 minutes. We had a welcome party at Universal Orlando Studios which was completely shut down to just the players and their families; that was incredible! We had the opportunity to spend the day at Disney with a VIP tour guide… player/family dinners, player/family parties… brunches for the moms, so many kids friendly activities (including child care if you needed it)…You name it, they had it!

They absolutely made sure we all had an amazing time!


More than anything, it was so fun to see our kids faces constantly lit up. Our boys are all about football, and couldn’t wait for the game!!! They had high hopes of making it on the field… maybe next time.

They sat in the pouring down rain like troopers cheering for their Poppa! It rained cats and dogs; they never complained! We put our ponchos on, ate some pizza and enjoyed the game!

They were so disappointed (literally) when we lost by one point (we all were a little bummed about it), but so proud of their dad!

GOD is good! There’s so much I would love to say/share but I feel like I would be blogging forever and a day. Some moments just have to be savored!

Congratulations Mike and Davante on making your first pro bowl! You guys did amazing and represent Green Bay well!!


Your husband of mine, you always recipe occasion. Your work ethic is second to none, and your passion and love for Christ, life, your family, and the game is SO inspiring! I pray that GOD continues to help you be the man He called you to be… To change lives with the platform you’ve been given, to continue to lead our home, and to always have fun in everything that you pursue!!

That’s one thing I love about you… You always have so much fun! We’ve all seen your game face, but seeing your smile is everything! This may have been your first pro bowl, but it certainly won’t be your last!


I hope you all enjoyed hearing about some of our experiences down in Orlando! I may share a part 2, top moments and funny experiences while being there!

Stay blessed!



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