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Mother’s Day Is Everyday!

May 11th, 2018
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As much as I love the idea of running away and being a recluse and Mother’s Day, I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my kids and hopefully finding a little rest throughout the day. The reality is, Mother’s Day is every day. There is no one single day to say thank you or extend appreciation for all that mothers, and mother figures do. I for one, can’t thank my mom enough for all she has done and continues to do for my five siblings and I … growing up over the years and now. She’s even more amazing at being Mi-Ma; Our kids adore her. No amount of thanks is sufficient, however it’s still amazing and absolutely important to acknowledge how I feel about her, and often.

The same applies for my mother in love; one day isn’t enough to say thank you for the impact she has in my life as well, and for her grands.

The point is, mothers should be celebrated all the time. There are so many ways to show thanks and appreciation for the women we love… the women who have inspired, supported, nurtured, encouraged, and loved us and will continue to do so… the women who set examples of being proverbial, kind, gracious, and who even extend that tough loving as well.

Saying thank you is just one way. Saying thank you is another. But when our actions rise to meet those words, that’s how we really can show our gratitude.

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is just to pick up the phone and call my mom and check on her. I talk with her often. I understand that having an empty nest can be hard after dedicating many years to raising up children. Moms sometimes just want to hear our voices. I know I look forward to hearing the busy, chaotic chatter of my babies when I’m home, or after being away for a bit. I know it seems trivial or even cliché… But it’s important and necessary.

Here are other ways to say I love you, and you’re special to the mommas in your life:

  1. Quality Time: whether it’s just hanging out at the house, making a trip to see your mom, taking your wife out to dinner, snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie… Bringing the kids over to see their grandmother… Quality time definitely says, I love you and I value you.
  2. Gifts- it doesn’t have to be something elaborate. Sometimes the most simple gifts are the most meaningful: handmade cards, a home cooked meal, help around the house, a back/for run or even offering your spouse/mom to go take a nap. And if you want to step your game up… What woman doesn’t love to be pampered? Mani/pedi, nice dinner’s (it’s nice for moms to get dressed up sometimes), jewelry, flowers…anything to shower your spouse with love is a great way to say I love you & I value you!
  3. Words- Sometimes people struggle in this area… Finding the perfect thing to say, or putting their thoughts in word format whether in a card or little note. Maybe try recording a little video for your spouse or mom… expressing to them how much you love and appreciate them, the way the impact your life, how thankful you are for them and the role they play as your mom or your mom to your children. Just really open up, and let them know you care about them. Words are powerful, and using words to express gratitude for moms not only says I love and value you, but encourages moms to keep up the great work!
  4. Thoughtfulness- is there anything specific your spouse has been talking about around you lately? Is there an experience your mom has never to ois have ? Maybe they’ve mentioned something they saw at store that they liked, or mentioned a mini trip to get away. Maybe there’s a show/concert they’ve expressed interested in. Just pay attention to your spouse/mom and often times they will express their interests to you; that’s the perfect way to come up with a gift idea. For your spouse, not only does it say I love you and I value you… But it shows that you listen and understand her needs and wants, and that you find it important to serve her in that way. For your mom, it lets her know she’s the best mom (mi-ma) & you make a point to take care of her too.
  5. An Experience- sometimes it’s good to try something new. And adventure can be a great way to keep relationships fun and provide an element of joy. There are so many fun things that are accessible: helicopter rides, the escape room, painting classes, salsa dancing, jumping out of an airplane if that’s exciting to you… Rollerskating like back in the day, or putting together your own creative date night of all of your spouses or mom’s favorite things to do. Life should be fun! New experiences are a fun way to say I love you and I value you!!
  6. These are just a couple of ways to say happy Mother’s Day to the special ladies in your life, but truthfully… There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to this. If I can offer any advice, it’s to let your actions match your words at all times and don’t only wait until Mother’s Day to really say I love you and thank you. Life is fleeting & we shouldn’t take people or life for granted. Everyday is an opportunity to show your love and gratitude to anyone you value in your life!

To all the mothers (mother figures) out there; I sincerely thank you for the many roles you take on: mothers, educators, protectors, nurses, counselors, huggers, boogy monster scarers, boo boo kissers, night time story tellers, creative directors, visionaries, Chauffeurs, chaperones, homework analyst, baby speech translators, explorers, night shift nurses, mombies (moms who rarely sleep)… to name a FEW! You truly are the super heroes and SHEros in this world! I admire your strength, compassion, character and love. I understand the sacrifice, commitment and dedication. I applaud all of your efforts to raise your children… even when you may fall short or feel you’re not doing enough. I can assure you, you’re doing an amazing job! You may not have all the answers but you show up daily and you rise to the occasion! Thank you for keeping me encouraged on my motherhood walk; you all inspire me and motivate me to keep growing, doing my best and to cherish all motherhood moments. I say this often- being a mom is the most challenging yet rewarding thing I’ve ever done and I’m sure you many of you can relate! We are in this thing together! I got your back girl! You are doing an amazing job and you deserve to be celebrated daily! Happy Mother’s Day every day Momma Bears!

All my love, Xoxo,


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