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Moms Get Overlooked // #AllThingsHD

January 14th, 2020
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Is it me or does everyone start treating you different after you become a mom? And I’m not necessarily talking about in a good way. Call me crazy, but I feel like often times moms get overlooked.

“Oh she’s probably too busy.”

“I would invite her but…”

“Well you know she has the kids, so it would be hard.”

“I know your hands are full, so I didn’t think you’d want/be able to go/come.”

What the entire crazy is this ?

Being a mom, yeah, sure it’s challenging but it shouldn’t be a reason women are overlooked, excluded, and dismissed. For as much credit as mothers do get (if I’m being honest, sometimes it isn’t enough), there’s also a lot that goes unnoticed with motherhood, and that includes the decency to just think, I bet that mom would love to be included… invited… acknowledged…. heck, even celebrated- ya know, a simple word of encouragement to let her know you see her, she is valid and she’s doing an amazing job because who doesn’t need to hear that from time to time? Or, just to remind her that YES she should still pursue her goals.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that being a mom did change my focus. My priorities shifted, and I put a majority of my time & energy into raising my children. With that being said, I still have the desire to do so many things… for example, perform in a Broadway musical (I’d share the rest but I don’t want any bad vibes while I’m working towards the vision GOD has given me). I have gifts that were given to me for a purpose. I have things on my bucket list that I want to have checked off & places I want to travel. I have people that need to hear my testimony. I have dreams that are bigger than anything I can do on my own, but with faith I believe they’ll become a reality. I’m ALL in as a momma bear, but I also know I was created for more.

Anyways, the point of all this…

Just because many of us are moms, with demanding schedules, and a lot on our plates to balance doesn’t mean we aren’t worthy of only being called to that role. Many of us moms are entrepreneurs, friends, visionaries, dreamers, goal setters & getters, educators, mentors, leaders, and so much more. That doesn’t change or go away because we have children. In fact, the other roles we fulfill are that much better because of all that we are constantly learning while being mothers. Our motivation increases. Our planning skills improve. Our ability to be flexible & adapt to all situations definitely improves. Being a mother is an asset to any other role we choose to walk in, and just because we may roll out of bed most days looking exactly how we feel on most days…. tired, doesn’t mean we should be left out of anything: conversations, topics, events, friendships, invitations, business opportunities, schooling, career advancement or whatever IT is.

I believe I speak for all moms in saying we know the value of the word, “no,” since we probably use it 16282819191 a day. If there is something we cannot do, an event we cannot attend, a business opportunity we cannot accept, a class we aren’t able to manage, a scheduling conflict of any sort & any thing else you can think of- we will let you know. Please don’t assume that we are incapable, that we don’t want to, that we are too busy, that we can’t manage, that we don’t have the skill set, that we were/are too tired, that we probably have too much on our plates & that we should only be moms. We are some of the best communicators and will kindly let you know what works BEST for us, our schedules and our availability. Just do us a favor- include us. Ask us. Invite us. Communicate directly with us.

Maybe you thought you were being understanding by excluding us, but understand this- you weren’t. You aren’t. You won’t be.

Put some respect (RESPECK) on our names. Motherhood is not a hobby; it is a calling and we have been equipped with all that we need to amazing mothers, wives and anything else GOD calls us to.

With Love,

A momma who knows her worth even when others fail to understand.


PS- this applies to family also. Don’t assume you know what I can or cannot so, should or should not be doing, or how I feel when you haven’t thought or taken the time to ask me (all the mommas).

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