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#LifeInHD: International Women’s Day

March 8th, 2019
Posted in #LIFEINHD

“… to all the ladies in the place with style and grace…”

When I think about women who have inspired me, I find it easy to rattle off a list… from women I know personally, to women I’ve been inspired by through social media, to women I meet in passing.

I love the idea of celebrating women everywhere and magnifying our strength as a collective unit because it’s so powerful when we do, and really… it’s beautiful.

I have made it my mission to love women back to life… including myself. I truly believe we all need that. We all need someone rallying for us and not against us, supporting us instead of finding ways to criticize, to listen to us instead of not being present, to give us a hug and pray for us when life gets tough instead of passing judgment and slipping into messy gossip. We need a lot of love and support but unfortunately often times we hear of divisive behavior between women instead of that rallying and support we can and should be for one another.

What’s better than sisterhood? In real life, I love my biological sisters big time. I feel blessed to have bonus sisters … friends who have become family and women who have my back despite not sharing the same exact DNA. That is powerful. And I don’t take for granted the sisters I’ve been blessed with in this lifetime.

I encourage anyone reading this to make it your business to provide a woman somewhere… anywhere with your love today. What looks like is up to you, but passing on compliments, calling up an old friend, saying hi to a stranger, paying something forward, dropping a card in the mail, giving someone a hug, making a new friend on Instagram, encouraging someone through a hard time, praying with someone… whatever it is, but do something for a woman in your life today. Be intentional about spreading some love and watch it come back to you.

What we put out in life is what we get back. Why not choose love??

I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to all the amazing women in life. Undoubtedly my mother is the first Queen due honor of saying I love you to! “Thank you for being the woman you are, the woman who birthed me, loves me without limits and who has and always speaks to the Queen in me. You’re the best and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without you.”

To my sister Majesty, you’re right behind mom. What would I do without you??? Girrlllllllll LOL! It is a privilege and honor to be your big sister. Thank you for loving me and supporting me like you do! GOD knew I needed you when He let you steal my thunder as the only girl in the house haha.

To my mother in love. You show me love in so many ways. I’m thankful for our relationship… one with lots of laughter and love. Thank you for accepting me as your daughter and for being you.

Kamilah. Sandre. I love you ladies! Life taught me that patience brings about some of the best gifts. GOD allowed us to meet at the right time, and I’m just thankful that we have been able to grow so close despite the odds against us and not growing up together. Thank you for being you.

To ALL my ladies ( I was tempted to start the sentence with some song lyrics: “where my girls at from the front to back…” lol) THANK YOU. You are valuable and important, beautiful and kind, and most of all you’re appreciated. I love y’all!

Also, shout out the women I don’t know personally but who are just so dope…giving off the best vibes, sending love, being supportive, cheering me on like “heyyy girl I see you!” and taking time to foster new relationships and build other women up! YALL. ARE. THE. REAL. MVPS. It doesn’t hurt to be a good person; thank you for spreading good energy and being you. Salute!

In honor of International Women’s Day, Here’s a video from my maternity shoot last summer (2018). I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share it and today is perfect. I was with women who inspire me through their gifts and talents and love of life, but also who love and support me and took a day to make me feel pampered when I needed it most. They literally helped me at a time when I needed it most, and made me feel beautiful when I struggled to feel that way. My pregnancies are tough and baby #4 was no different. Thank you to my girl tribe for being apart of some milestone moments in my life and for the beautiful memories.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFJKNwY8mUM (Be sure to like, comment, subscribe & share! THANK YOU!)

Majesty. Mary. Angela. Shania. Thank you all so much for this amazing day in Door County. I had SO much fun with all of you: the stinky outhouse (thank goodness for your aromatherapy oil Angela), changing behind a shower curtain, going off into the “jungle,” eating pizza and girl talk (my fave), numerous touch ups to cover my shiny sweaty chubby preggo face, Shania losing her sunglasses, going down random roads that lead to beautiful places, riding a tractor across a body of water to an island, climbing a light house for the best pics, singing Dreamgirls in the car, taking Ciara’s “Level Up,” to a whole new level and everything in between. I love you all!

Be blessed Darlings!



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