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Healthy Is The New Sexy!

April 5th, 2018
Posted in FIT LIFE

I think it’s very important to love the skin you’re in… to embrace who you are and feel confident being YOU!

However, I think that sometimes that same attitude can become an excuse to being unhealthy, or justifying unhealthy/bad habits.

It’s not about being super skinny, looking like a super model, fitting into stereotypes of what beautiful in our society is (unless of course that’s what you want for yourself) to be acceptable.

By the same token, whatever shape or size you are… you matter! Your health matters! And I think it is vital that we empower each other to be the best version of ourselves, which to me is a healthy version!! And I’m not only talking about great blood pressure, BMI, heart rate, weight etc… but healthy mentally, and emotionally as well.

We all know there are so many benefits to being healthy: longevity, the ability to be active, happiness, better quality of living, reduced risk of disease and so much more! Why shouldn’t that be the goal? A healthy you!

Honestly, it doesn’t take much!

Yes, you should embrace who you are in every season of your life, but the journey to being healthy is a lifelong commitment, and will require effort on your part.

If you’re unsure how to become healthy, start small. Develop a few good habits until they’re no longer routine. Start with areas you know you need to improve in. For example, if you’re always up late at night, set a bed time and stick to it. If you are constantly eating out, commit to cooking more often and maybe cutting down to two nights of ordering in or eating out. If you’re not familiar with or new to working out, start by walking every day for 30 minutes… look into getting a cheap gym membership, a trainer or even utilize the internet for workouts for beginners.

The information is out there… tips for wellness, counselors and life coaches, health providers, nutritionists, mentors, relieving stress, healthier eating, planning tips, scheduling hacks, tips and tricks for time management or even getting good sleep! The internet is your friend! And, find yourself an accountability partner to help you stay on track while you develop new habits, and change for the better.

Whatever you need to do to become healthy, don’t put it off! Make the change and commit to loving yourself because you deserve it and you’re with it.

Whether you’re big, bold and beautiful, or medium, bold and beautiful, skinny, bold and beautiful or somewhere in between… love yourself, love your shape, love your size, love your life… but please, be healthy! Healthy is the new sexy!

I look forward to sharing some personal tips/habits that work for me on my own journey to becoming more healthy. I’m far from an expert in this area and I’ve been on both sides of being really and healthy, and completely unhealthy. Different seasons of my life were filled with different experiences that played a part in that. As I’ve widened up, and stepped into wifehood and motherhood, I have valued my health in total more than ever. I’ll share more of what my journey has looked like in a future blog post.



P.S. everyone is beautiful and if we learn to judge less and love more, we can see everyone as such. The greatest commandment of all is to love one another. We are all created in GOD’s image and He called us good!

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