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Gratefulness From A Pail Of Dirty Water: One Way I’m Thankful To Serve My Family

June 3rd, 2018
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It’s funny the things I get excited about these days. Today I opened up my new mop and spin and was totally ecstatic. It was something I registered for on our wedding list a couple of years ago, and has been one of my best household staples to date. They are really durable, clean efficiently and I don’t have to squeeze out the mop with my hands… can we say winning? This isn’t an ad by any means but if they want to endorse me, I won’t be mad haha.

Anyways, as I opened it up to prepare to mop the floors today and after listening to our pastors sermon this morning on gratefulness, really acknowledging the blessings around us, and the way GOD hooks us up, I found myself really focusing in on what this mop meant to me. I’m sure that sounds silly, but I absolutely love a clean house; I dare even say I’m a bit of a clean freak.

Most of my friends and family can attest to this, and although they give me a hard time about it or don’t really understand it, I know they respect it. For me, it’s one of the ways I am blessed to serve my family. I don’t always feel like cleaning my house, but I am thankful that I have the strength and health in my body to get up and provide a clean home for my for my husband to relax in, my children to play in, and for myself to keep my sanity in LOL. I find that a clean home provides happiness, comfort & a space that we can really enjoy.

With that being said, I also love the clutter that comes with our family… toys everywhere, crushed up snacks ( I literally vacuum 3-5x a day if not more), a never ending laundry pile & whatever other “mess,” that happens on the daily. Toy cluttered floors are reminders of the children GOD blessed us with, snack trails (now with ants following them) are reminders of GOD’s provisions, never ending laundry is a reminder of the clothes we get to wrap our bodies in & the “mess,” in general is a reminder of the life we have been blessed with… a home that is lived in, a family that is absolutely showered in GOD’s love, grace and blessings!!

I just finished deep cleaning my house & thought I would be typing this post up quick before folding & putting away laundry, but my husband did that for me while I was working on the other stuff. Acts Of Service is totally my love language & him taking care of laundry & serving our home in that way is just one more thing for me to grateful for.

When we take replace our attitudes of complaining, not having enough, wanting more, never being satisfied etc. with a spirit of gratefulness, we are able to enjoy what we have & realize just how blessed we are!

I know that cleaning is not everyone’s jam… But I have always found cleaning as an outlet. I clean quickly, I burn tons of calories (legit dripping in sweat when I’m done), and I feel happy to serve my home. Over time, I’ve realized that I don’t have to do it all on my own and on occasion I like to have someone come in and help me clean for the day. I used to feel guilty about this… crazy right? I would feel guilty about getting help!

But, with my third pregnancy, towards the end I was really struggling and a friend of mine sent over someone to help me get my house in order. She told me that it was ok ask for help & that it would not only ease my load, but I would feel better. That was a really humbling moment. Over time I understood that my friend stepping in and sending help was her opportunity to serve. I’m so grateful for her.

Now as I’m entering the third trimester with baby #4, I feel less guilty about asking for help and I know for certain in the weeks to come, I will have someone come in and help me from time to time.

I enjoy cleaning and serving my home, but I also enjoy quality time with my husband and kiddos! Having a helping hand allows me more time with them and I’ll never be mad about that. It’s all about balance!

For now I’ll keep waddling and trucking along… rocking my gloves… busting suds, sweeping, mopping, cleaning toilets, wiping windows, washing clothes, going on organizing sprees(this happens often), dusting, rearranging and more… all while being knee deep in wife and motherhood.

I’m sure I could find something to complain about in regards to all the things I just listed, but I’m too busy being thankful!

Time to shower, and chill (I use that term lightly hah), in all this cleanliness because I’m sure it’ll only last momentarily haha.



Are there any parents out there who can relate ? I’m what ways are you happy to serve your family? What are your favorite cleaning products or home appliances ?

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