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Don’t Lose Yourself

November 16th, 2017
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If you change, let it be because you’re growing. In an effort to “fit in,” or be accepted, we can lose the very essence of what makes us special… what makes us unique. The very thing you may seek to change for the wrong reasons, may be the very thing that is your strength… the “something,” others wish they had, could do, or embody. It is the very thing that sets you apart… that makes you, YOU. Don’t ever lose yourself because you lost them.💗

And guess what, you will lose people in life whether it be that you outgrow them, cut them off or simply just grew apart. The beauty of this is that GOD always has a greater plan than we can ever imagine, and sometimes when He removes people from our lives it’s for our protection, healing, growth, sanity… or to draw closer to Him. Whatever the reason may be, we need to know when to hold on and learn when to let go.

Don’t feel bad for outgrowing people who had the chance to grow with you.”

Letting go is easier said than done at times, but when you value yourself, you’ll always take care of you… the way that you should! Self love and acceptance is so important, but the world is filled with distractions that will constantly having us putting ourselves on the back burner, or focusing on the wrong things and people.

Don’t get caught up worrying about who doesn’t like you or who isn’t supporting you. Don’t consume your time comparing yourself to others… tearing yourself apart because you aren’t like them, as popular as them, doing as much as them etc. Comparison is crippling, and if you allow it to consume you, you’ll never reach your full potential. Instead of getting caught up in all that, focus on your goals, put energy into people who put it into you, figure out what your purpose is and live in it, regardless of who goes hard for you, or acknowledges your hustle. Go hard for yourself! Love yourself!

You know who’s going to give you everything? YOURSELF. You’re the one responsible to teach others how to love and respect you by the way you love and respect yourself. You’re the one that has to be happy with the decisions you make. You’re the one who knows all the hard work your putting in to reach your goals. You’re the one who has to exit a situation or relationship that is no good for you. You’re the one that has to care enough about yourself, to truly live a life of purpose so don’t give power to anyone or anything that isn’t helping you live in your purpose!

Be around people who celebrate you (genuinely), and don’t just tolerate you. Be selective and intentional with whom you spend time with and give energy to. Put people on your team who are as passionate about your brand as you are. Have friends that aren’t afraid to tell you no, and let you know when you’re wrong; having a “yes man,” isn’t always the answer. Be open to meeting new people, people of different cultures & ages, with different backgrounds, who speak different languages… this is how you see the world, and you never know who you’ll connect with. Keep in mind that who you spend the majority of your time with will have a great influence on you; are they helping your grow, or hindering you? Are they praying with you, or preying on you? Are they giving you Godly counsel, or worldly? Get you some friends who love you fiercely! AND, be all of those things for them as well, because in order to have friends, you have to be one.

I dare you to be the person, you were meant to be!! Be unapologetically, boldly and confidently, YOU!! You are special, and the world needs what you have to offer.




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