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May 13th, 2018
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On behalf of my siblings, our spouses & our children, I want to take the time to attempt to share a tiny fraction of why our mother, mother in love & mi-ma is so phenomenal…so inspiring….so amazing! I could add more adverbs here, but you get the gist.

Our Queen, LaVerne Tutson cannot merely be summed up with some short phrase, a simple bio, a minimal caption. She’s far too valuable, her heart is way too big, her love is too unconditional, her talent & accolades are never ending, her faith is one of the strongest pillars I’ve ever seen, and her being… her presence is way too outstanding.

Just to share a little bit about our mom (in no particular order): GOD fearing, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend proverbial woman, woman of valor, hilarious, beautiful, kind, generous, selfless, extremely educated, a survivor, evangelist, educator, activist, encourager, singer, choir director, counselor, event coordinator, hug enthusiast and lover of everyone.


“❤️🙏❤️: MOM. 💙💗💙💙💗💙





She was born to Connieve & Henry Wheaton “sweet 16 years ago,” and has forever since been changing the world. She was born in Chicago, IL which explains her love for mild wings, chips & hot sauce, dill pickles & everything else Chicago including her slang, and lack of the pronunciation of the letter “r,” in words like: car, far, etc. lol, when talking to her family or hometown friends.

She inherited her love of music from our grandmother who was said to have one of the most beautiful operatic voices, and beautiful playing of the piano, which she passed down to all of us. Music is a huge part of her life and she was blessed to have traveled with some major big bands back in the day, and even performing at The Grand Old Opry, which my older brother and myself got to be apart of.

Growing up with 9 siblings under one roof, and 15+ other siblings, she’s no stranger to big families, sharing & making ends meet. Her father and my grandad is a minister, which is where her foundation in Christ began and extend love of church. Let’s just say we may or may not have attitude 2-3 church services every Sunday, followed by the viewing of preachers such a Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, Benny Hen and more on TBN, and then wrapping up the evening in hours (not hour) long bible studies that were centered on the Bible, family and discipline. To this day, she is heavily involved in church, and ministry as she has obtained her PHD in theology, and in addition to singing & leading choirs, she preaches on occasion.

Her PHD degree in theology is one of many degrees she has obtained. We had a love of higher education; she has multiple undergrad and masters degrees, is a licensed cosmetologist and has used her education to be an advocate for many under privileged families who have needed representation in various settings.

She went to college when she was 13. Yup, you read that right! 13!!!!! Talk about a genius! She had skipped multiples grades early on in her learning, advancing academically and started a lifetime passion of education.

Unfortunately, after a few years of being in college my mom had a traumatic brain injury which resulted in relearning to walk, talk, speak, eat, sit, stand and ultimately multiple skill reconstructive surgeries, which in the latter part of her life and even now have caused seizures and other side effects. My mother is truly a survivor. Growing up I remember watching her deal with seizures and my siblings and I knowing the protocol… to hold her toes, keep her head still/free from hitting nearby objects and to call for help (when she wasn’t stubborn at least). It is no easy task to be a very present mother, while dealing with health issues.

Let’s not forget to mention the 6 C-sections she had to birth her children into this world, and countless other surgeries, and health issues she has faced. Nonetheless, while overcoming one issue after another, she has always still looked after everyone else. Her resilience is amazing, and she is a real life example of not being weary in doing good.

I know for a fact there are many times when my mom wanted to give up, or wanted to understand other hardships she endured – whether it be financial, emotional or physical… however, her faith never wavered and she never quit. She is the epitome of strength and beauty. There’s something truly beautiful about a woman who loves the Lord!

I know I’m all over the place and honestly, I’ll need a part 2 just to share all her accolades (SO MANY!!!), great things shes done, experiences she has had and servanthood she has exemplified which includes 10 years in the army (thank you for your service mom!).

And, if all of that doesn’t speak for itself, she raised/trained up 6 kid by herself, and we all turned out pretty amazing if I do say myself (and they’d all agree), and I say that in the most humble way. To shed a little light on her job well done, I’d like to share a little about my siblings and I.

Starting with the oldest, Israel Tutson esquire; He is an extremely talented musician who has been playing the piano since the young age of 2 years old. You can consider him the modern day Beethoven; He can literally hear a song and play it eighth back to you… only his version will be 10x better than the original. In addition to his skill with the 88 keys, he is a published singer who

in high school received multiple awards for voice, was selected for multiple all-state choirs, was named best male soloist, & was recognized/received an award for best composition for 4 consecutive years at all state music camp.

He currently has 4 published albums (which can be found on iTunes& other various music sites), and 1 on the way! He is the CEO of CVO (that sounds tight huh? be sure to check his new music out on instagram), in school to obtain his business degree, and curator for the Parallel Project. His most important roles are husband and father of 4 beautiful children, whom he sets an amazing example of faith, hard work, love and commitment.

#2 would be me!

Heaven Daniels, formerly known as Heaven Tutson, aka Queen Tut, aka “Wiz Kid,” haha(family inside joke).

Believer. Wife. Momma Bear of 4 (due in September), which is something I truly learned from my mom… what it takes to be a mother, and popping out kids back to back lol). Undergrad in Vocal Performance. Masters in Early Childhood Education. Published singer. Mommy+ Lifestyle + Beauty blogger/vlogger. TV Talkshow Co-Host of, “The Better Half.” Pro makeup artist. Zumba certified. Fitness enthusiast Thanks (certifications in the works). Specializes in public speaking, motivational speaking, emceeing, performing and uplifting and encouraging women.

High school/College: state titles in track and field, as well as at the Drake Relays. Multiple music awards, solo ensemble, all state music choir selections, select women’s ensemble, jazz choir, show choir extraordinaire, symphony and marching band (both high school and college) playing both flute and on the drum line, African-American Diverse Ministry, CBS (Coalition Of Black Students), beauty pageants, and more.

I’ll just say I’ve been extremely blessed to do a lot of things, acquire a lot of talents (definitely a jack of all trades – even did hair in college as a side hustle), travel many places and experience a great deal of opportunities, and I attribute much of my success and growth to my mother. In a way, I felt at times she was hard on me, but I have truly learned to understand why as well as develop a greater appreciation for her… specifically her role as a mother.

I’ve always been very responsible, extremely organized and good at being in charge (aka bossy lol). I know she entrusted me with the responsibilities she did… not only to help her, but because of the role I’ve played over the years in the lives of my siblings and now my own family. My mom has always been mom, but my role as Big Sis was vital when mom had to work, travel or was dealing with health issues. I’m thankful she taught me how to fill in when she needed rest, was busy or couldn’t do things herself. She truly helped me prepare for my two greatest and most favorite roles of wife and mother. For that, I am eternally grateful.

I could go on and on but to wrap things up- All that I am started with GOD and mother. Most of y’all know me and what I do anyways- just know my mom had something to do with that!

Next Up:

Messiah Tutson, 3rd eldest & 2nd born son, the brains of the bunch! I mean everyone is super educated, but this guy is extremely intelligent… border line genius really. His ACT score was almost perfect; you can usually find him somewhere shirtless sporting his 6 (or 8, I could be mistaken), pack reading a text book… soaking up all the knowledge he can get. Talk about a fly “nerd.”

His brains, athleticism and good looks have always stood out. In high school, he was was a state champion in track & field, a member of the national honor society, homecoming king, stand out bass vocalist, who also shined on the show choir stage. Upon graduating from Iowa City High, he attended the University Of Iowa on an academic scholarship, earning his degree in Exercise Science.

Post undergrad, he began a career as a fitness professional, allowing him to share his love & passion of health & fitness with athletes of all levels, ranging from youth to professional (MLB, NBA, NFL etc.) as well as other fitness enthusiasts of all ages. He is currently living his best life training athletes at a renowned training center,” The Florida Institute Of Performance,” in Palm Beach Florida!

On to the next…

It’s 4th born, the one & only… James Tutson Jr. (still biblical but the most basic name of the bunch, no less important), J Bay as our mom would and still does call him!!! He’s definitely pretty special- I mean who else wears all black basically every day? That is an accomplishment and great feat in itself.

Besides his outfit scheme of choice he is probably best known for his unique, sultry, soulful voice, amazing guitar skills and his smile! James is a GOD fearing, devoted husband, with the most perfect daughter Etta Jo, named after our mom, and his wife’s mom as well. He has his bachelor degree in science from University Of Iowa, has worked in social services and serving junior high school and high school students for the past 7 years. In his crazy busy schedule, his wife Stephanie and him find the time to pour into and mentor kids in need through their work as Young Life Leaders.

He has 3 published albums (check them out on iTunes), performs at multiple sold out shows, records YouTube covers & leads praise and worship at his church. It’s pretty evident that he has a heart to serve & a calling to ministry which he so boldly answers, and is using his gift of music for kingdom work.

Now presenting ladies and gentleman, royalty-

Majesty Tutson… 5th born, & the girl who rode in on a unicorn from birth… demanding attention, & stealing my shine as the only girl lol. If y’all already don’t know, I think this girl is special- this brief background on her will let you know more as to why I think that! My best friend and little big sis is currently working towards her 3rd degree at Alabama State University (show off haha) after attaining an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and a master’s from Alabama State University. She received an academic scholarship to university of iowa after being inducted into the American Honor Society for her academic excellence throughout junior high and high school, largely in part to our dear mother who started her early with reading and writing, learning black history, as well as math and science. Majesty says, “She gave me a great head start for which I am forever grateful.”

In addition to her academic scholarship, she also received an athletic scholarship to Iowa, with offers in both basketball and track & field, which again she largely attributed to our mother who encouraged her to be involved with sports that she was interested in and, to use the height (glamazon status) she was teased for to dominate the athletic world! This in turn led to winning a state championship in basketball, in which Majesty was named MVP for the state of Iowa’s All-Star basketball team in 2009… in addition to holding state titles in track & field, winning state and Drake Relays. She also holds school records for discus in both high school and college, was named the most valuable competitor in 2008 and 2009 in highschool as well as 2013 for the Iowa Women’s Track team. Athletics are clearly a strong area for her, as she continues paving a legacy of greatness while she is currently working to qualify for Team USA 2020 in discus. Majesty says “Because of mother’s passion for her children I was successful in music, named most valuable performer in 4th ave jazz show choir, and holding a first chair position in the orchestra both junior and senior year which gave me the opportunity to travel Europe and play concerts in 4 countries.” I told y’all this girl was special. I mean, the accolades pile up sky high, but what’s really special about Majesty is her outgoing personality, willingness to help others (she has been coaching high school and collegiate throwing athletes the past 4 years), her big smile and how goofy she is! Last but certainly not least, she is a child of GOD who bring raised in church is always encouraged to live by GOD’s word! Oh yeah, Maj is certified Lit (she stole this line from our baby brother haha)!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… The Final Tutson!

Calvary Tutson, the young and spry 22 year old baby bro, freshly graduated from Iowa State University with an undergraduate degree in hospitality, who is as he says, “certified lit,” and probably just a tad more amazing then the rest of us (since he was able to soak in all our greatness), Tutson kiddo #6! He may be the final Tutson, but his contribution to the legacy is a great one. I truly believe that he has been able to learn so much from all of us… and not saying that in a boastful way, but more-so him seeing where we made mistakes, I think helped him to really learn how to maneuver in life at a young age. He has always been extremely mature, about his money (he has always been able to hustle a dollar out of anyone. What other kids you know charging their mom for foot rubs ? Lol), self motivated, driven and extremely genuine. I dare say Calvary can be hard on himself… and maybe some of that is being kiddo #6, but he has no reason to be; He leaves a great impact on anyone he meets and has had so much success at such a young age.

Like all of us, he was a stand out vocalist, show choir phenom, competitive athlete & has a love for Christ! He has been known to do his own thing though, so while we may share those same passions, it’s no surprise his passions have taken him into the realm of hospitality, in which he has had an amazing internship at Disney, various hotels in Chicago, and has been apart of hospitality clubs which has given him the opportunity to travel to conventions where he began networking and busking a name for himself. I love that about Calvary; He’s totally confident in who he is and the things he loves… even if it means standing out which isn’t hard for him to do! He’s definitely another handsome young man… also known for his great leadership, friendship and kindness. I dare say this is just the beginning for Calvary; Greatness is in him and great things are in store for him. Within only a week of graduation, he already has 2nd interview recalls and internship/job opportunities shaping up for him!

Now, I know this was a very long post… But like I mentioned in the beginning… This doesn’t even begin to sum up the impact of our beautiful mom LaVerne Tutson… all she has done, her contributions, her heart, her spirit, and the legacy she is leaving behind, not only in her name, but as well as her children and everyone she has come in contact with. We are also extremely grateful for GOD allowing us to be connected to this great woman. I (and I speak for all of us) for one am so extremely thankful to call her mom. In a nutshell, she is literally the best!!! Happy Mother’s Day Mom; We love you to life!


Heaven & Co.

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