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Bittersweet: Back To Football

April 16th, 2018
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Tomorrow is the big day… well, it’s supposed to be… the day the guys head back to work, and football is in full rotation again (not that it never is). Luckily, a big snow storm has graced us with its presence (total sarcasm), and weather conditions have not only pushed back day 1 of work for the guys, but also resulted in school cancellations!

Although, I am completely over the snow, I’m going to enjoy one more day cozy’d up with my husband and kids… because honestly, life gets a little crazier when football is back and with another little one on the way, I’m still wrapping my mind around what life will be like in a few short months (well… kinda short lol)!This will be life again in a few short months...

As always, I’m EXCITED for football!!!! Let’s be honest- all of Green Bay is! The city just has a certain energy to it!

I’m not going to lie, as much as I love my husband being home, I am looking forward to him getting back to work… less laundry, less stuff laying around the house, and soon… more room in our bed when they start traveling for games. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way! A legit schedule is in place and there’s more order, which I absolutely love!

It’s crazy to think I’ve been on this football journey with my husband for almost 8 years! I never expected to fall in love with the game, learn so much about it, and the doors GOD would open because of it. One things for certain, we are truly a football family! I married right into the chaos of it, and it brought about some of the most fun times of life life… not to mention, a lot has happened on this journey: marriage, babies, moving, NFL, football camps, traveling, award shows, galas, making friends and more! It hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine, but it has all been a blessing!!

Upon entering the NFL lifestyle, I always had this idea of what it would be… expectations …. some that would never be met, and others met beyond what I could’ve ever imagined.

One thing about me is I love love loveeeee people… making friends, going to lunch, laughing, supporting others etc. I thought I would be entering this sisterhood where women would show me the ropes, take me under their wing and everyone would be friends… coming together, being close, cheering for our guys! That hasn’t exactly been the case, although I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing women and build some strong bonds. I’ve learned to not wear my heart on my sleeve as much. I don’t want to completely lose sight of who I am though by allowing a wall to be built blocking everyone out. Simply put, I’m for everybody, but not for just anybody. If you have a good heart, are kind and love to have fun- you’re my kind of person! Simple as that!

One of my goals for this year is to get to know more ladies here… making the effort again to really come together. I truly believe one of the ways we see the world is through our relationships and interactions with others… spending time with people from different places, who are different ages… who have different backgrounds, who are different cultures than us, who speak different languages than us etc. GOD is so dope in how he can bring us together with people we never thought we’d meet or be around.

A lot has happened since our first pic on Lambeau Field together! This was our first family night and our oldest sons 1st birthday! We’ve now added two more kiddos who share the same birthday, and waiting on the arrival of baby #4.

Anyways- back to family life!

Being preggo (4th time around), and football is never a walk in the park. This separated pelvis of mine is going to be a struggle, especially because my biggest helper will not be on standby as needed. My husband has really made this offseason easier on me by stepping up and handling some of my normal day to day responsibilities; I’m sure going to miss that! But, with that being said, I’m thankful to have had the help I did, and so thankful to at least be mostly over the morning sickness portion of pregnancy!

To sum this all over the place blog post up! *We now interrupt this marriage to bring you football season * Bring it on! Let’s do it!

My husband has been working so incredibly hard this off-season, and I cannot wait to see how GOD carries him over the next couple of months and into the season. I cannot wait to see how He helps him use his platform for kingdom work and the blessings that will unfold as well. I know that there is a lot of work to be done, and if you know my husband… he always rises to the challenge. I am confident that his work ethic, the chip on his shoulder and most importantly his faith in GOD will prove to bring about great things for our family!

We’ve had a fun offseason: 1st pro bowl, Disney, universal studios, field trips galore, lots of snow, family visits, football camp planning, finding out about baby #4 and so much more!

Let’s see what the rest of the year holds!

#TeamDaniels is ready!



One response to “Bittersweet: Back To Football”

  1. Patty Lasher says:

    Great blog Heaven. Hope the rest of your pregnancy isn’t too hard on you. Hope to get a chance to see you at practice this year. Love ya

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