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#AllThingsHD: Chapter 34

July 4th, 2019
Posted in #LIFEINHD

Birthdays are seriously my favorite days to celebrate! It doesn’t matter if it’s mine or someone else’s; I love birthdays & I go all out for them!

Birthdays to me are a time of reflection & self encouragement. They are reminders of memories and experiences, opportunities to love each other fiercely through our words and actions, and time for connecting with the ones we love most.

The yummy food & desserts definitely are amazing, but living in the moments of celebration is everything!

Today, I completed another trip around the sun (not literally, but you know what I mean), and started the next chapter of my life. I’m excited and prayerful for what the future holds and thankful for what has happened to date. Every second that I’ve been on this earth has been a special part of the journey to now. And as my now, continues to move forward, I must continue to do so also. I’m committed to continually growing, acquiring wisdom, leading by example, being dedicated to my faith, myself, my family, and my goals & dreams. I’m motivated more than ever up to level up! I know my children look up to me & just like they want to make me proud, I want to make them proud as well. The legacy I leave behind for them doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be meaningful, and it does need to teach them how to survive in this world, how to love, how to work hard, how to protect each other, how to depend on GOD, how to do what’s right and not what’s popular, how to love themselves and be true to themselves… it needs to be something that they will take away some gems from and apply in their own lives. So everything I do while I’m on this earth matters, and by showing up for myself, I’m showing up for them! This next chapter will have its valley moments I’m sure, but I’m reaching for mountain top moments also… and the moments in between are all apart of the journey.

When I blew out my candles today, I said a prayer. Wishes are fun and all, buy prayer works; there’s power in prayer. I’m praying that everything GOD has set out for me to accomplish comes to fruition and believing Him for the visions and goals he has placed in my heart.

My reflection today: I embrace every part of me. I’ve experienced some major healing in the last few years and moved past things that were holding me back… things that stunted my growth and happiness because emotionally I hadn’t unpacked the baggage that was weighing my spirit down. Today, I’m in a totally different space. I needed what was down on the inside of me to match what I wanted to exude on the outside. Sincerely, I’m thankful things are aligned (and with so much room to grow). Here I am, flawed and imperfect, but GOD is at the forefront ordering my steps. I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. It’s true, age is just a number. As long as I have air in my lungs, I’ll be enjoying my life !

And I’ll be enjoying it with the man who always makes my birthdays so special, my favorite person and my best friend forever… my husband who I prayed for. Thank you for always going big for me!

Who else loves birthdays? Do you all have birthday traditions? Feel free to share them with me; I’d love to know!



P.S. I have some exciting news dropping soon! Be sure to stay tuned on my social media pages for the announcement! ✨

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