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A Slay At Home Mom Is…

September 1st, 2018
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STAY AT HOME MOM- A group of strong amazing women, who are definitely undervalued… maybe not by all, but by many. People love to “size,” stay at home moms up, (or as I like to call us, SLAY at home moms), with assumptions of what being home is like… you know like: it’s easy, you all just play with kids and hang with other mommas and their kiddos, you’re not really doing anything, or you have it made etc.

Honestly, it’s COMICAL when I really think about it. People love to voice their opinions about parenting, and mom life. Sometimes laughing seems to be the logical response, or just not saying anything at all. People without kids, or who don’t stay home with them have NO clue what life at home with little humans looks like. It is such a blessing as a mother to be able to be home with my kiddos, however, that doesn’t mean that it’s walk in the park… unless of course we are talking about Jurassic Park.

“I have a newborn … 3 days old, and have barely slept a wink since she was born, not to mention labor was insanely intense, and I am still recovering from that. After being up most of the night adjusting to my little girl, and visa versa… nursing around the clock, changing diapers (on the couch as not to disturb my husband from preparing for his rigorous day at work being that he plays in the NFL), I “woke up,” which is more like got off the couch after getting little momma to sleep, to cook breakfast, and get my oldest 2 ready for school. After getting them dressed, fed and out the door, my 2 year old was up. So, it was time to get her ready for the day, and then time to manage the house, the never ending work load: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, tidying bathrooms, making beds, prepping dinner etc. Keep in mind, this is all before 9 am. You can imagine how the rest of the day went (doctors appointments, school pick ups, kids after school activities, homework, dinner, baths etc), and if you can’t… you’re lucky (you probably couldn’t keep up anyways).”-Heaven Daniels

I mean sure, us moms (and maybe I’m just speaking for myself here haha), don’t always have on our Sunday best. I’ve surely traded in jeans for yoga pants, groomed hair for messy buns or hat days, cute shirts for oversized t shirts and sweat shirts, sassy purses and clutches for a baby bag aka a back pack, cute heels or sneakers for nike slides and everyday makeup for designer bags under my eyes. However, I’m extremely educated, and the lack of sleep I’ve endured basically is sleep training of those in the military. Let’s just say having 4 kiddos 7 and under, the youngest being a few days old, I know a thing or two about pushing my body to the limits when it’s exhausted. And believe me, it’s not by choice. I should be sleep right now, but this is my “me time.” It’s 12:05 am- all the kiddos are sleeping, and I can actually have a moment to myself, so here I am blogging… creating, something I love to do.

It’s important to not discredit or undervalue stay at home moms.

As a mother who has two degrees: bachelors in fine arts (vocal performance), and a masters in early childhood education, there is a part of me that feels like “I’m not doing enough,” or that I would love to be “using my degrees,” more, but when I really and sit and think about my daily life, I’m using my skills and I’ve certainly acquired many more. Music and education is what I went to school for, but makeup, fitness, writing, and creating etc are all skillsets I use daily, and get to model to my kiddos.

Music: I sing and teach my kids about music. We spend time creating music… repeating rhythms back to each other, dancing, and learning songs.

Education: I’ve been blessed to find time to balance substitute teaching at times, but teaching is a part of my daily life. Writing- I find teaching my kids how to write, and well helps build their confidence, allows them an outlet to express themselves, while establishing themselves as authors, story tellers etc. Communication- I can give you a ton of reasons why this is important. Effective communication skills is something they will carry with them throughout their entire lives. Working on it now…. my children will always know how to stand up for themselves, share their ideas, and be confident in their delivery. Conflict Resolution- this is extremely useful when diminishing the tension between toddlers; things can escalate quickly when there’s toys or snacks involved that they want, are not getting, or getting fast enough. Deductive Reasoning- when keeping kiddos healthy, mommas need to be able to determine what the symptoms mean whether it be a cold, fever, upset stomach or teething. Grammar/Phonics- I am blessed to teach my children what love is (an adverb or noun by the way), how it’s used and more importantly… show them what it looks like.  In general, I love creating weekly lesson plans for my children; If I’m not teaching/raising them, then the world is, and ultimately parenting and raising children starts at home.

In addition to formal education, being a mother has taught me more about: balance, patience, creating schedules, organization, setting an example, leadership, communication, teachable moments/opportunities, effective listening, planning, grace, and more.

Being a mother helped me earn my super hero badge. Being a mom = comforter, provider, protector, nurse, boogie monster catcher, hugger, professional story teller, snack dispenser, cartoon watcher, rule giver, clothes washer, heart mender, car ride giver (taxi driver with no tips), chaperone parent, household CEO, personal chef (clientele may include picky eaters), housekeeper, #1 cheerleader, keeps of  secrets, potty trainer, counselor/family therapist (especially as they grow up), play date organizer, professional lullaby singer, family personal assistant, Phd in anger management and different ways to say “no,” Mrs. Fix it, stain remover expert baby grower and more… full time everything. 

We do ALL these things without sick days, vacations, raises, but being a mom is the best “job,” in the world. Besides, what better way to be “paid,” than by hugs, kisses, and the sweetest “I love yous,” that we will carry in our hearts for a lifetime.

Being a mom is filled with skill sets that cannot be taught.

It is selfless.

It is tiring.

It is undervalued.

We learn on the go, through experience and through survival. We have our ups and downs, but we never stop. We keep going. We keep loving. We keep trying. We keep being MOM, which has somehow become underrated and not enough, when in actuality, motherhood is one of the highest callings, ordained by our Heavenly Father Himself.  GOD loves children, and said they are “a heritage from the Lord.” If that’s not confirmation enough, I don’t know what it is. Motherhood will stretch us, but discomfort is where we grow the most, and growing as a mother is something special no one can ever take away from us. As moms, we need to continue to unite, support, love and encourage each other. And, for those of you who are not moms, or don’t stay at home with your kiddos, motherhood is a workforce that should be valued, respected and celebrated.

What are your thoughts on stay at home moms? What other roles would you add that being a mom consists of?



P.S. My walk with GOD is what keeps me rooted as a mother. When I feel weak, He gives me strength. Starting my day spending time in the word helps me set the tone for motherhood daily.

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