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A Daniels Christmas

December 27th, 2017
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I pray you all had a blessed Christmas! • 21 And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” – Matthew 1:21 • AND, that’s what I’m most excited about… the true reason for the season! I thank GOD for His mercy & many blessings over all of us! Let us rejoice at our saviors birth… a life changing & life giving moment that we all get to experience in our daily lives! GOD is with us all the time & if we just take a moment to be still, He will stir our hearts even in moments we may feel alone or are facing adversity. ❤️

My husband & I were reminiscing about Christmas Day as kids! One of the things we both said is how much we appreciate our parents efforts to make sure Christmas Day was special… especially being older & understanding the lengths our parents went through to get the things on our lists. My husband remembers always getting everything on his list! And, I know that to be fact… Because my mother-in-law has told me some funny stories about how she would run all over to get her kids stuff. Of course Mike always wanted anime stuff so she had to search far and wide to make sure he everything on his detailed list lol. // While I may not have gotten even close to a fraction what was on mine, I’m so thankful! My mom was a single parent of 6 kids & always made sure Christmas was amazing from the gifts, to the food, to the Bible study & time spent in the word. I remember my 5 siblings and I would always camp out in someone’s room, watch a movie & head straight to bed…. wake up at the crack of dawn (I’m talking 6 & 7am) & literally dart to the living room to see what “Santa,” had left for us. We were always overjoyed… handing each other gifts with our names on them, exclaiming when stumbling across a specific gift that we had requested & then of course showing each other what we had gotten. Ahhhh, some of my best & most favorite childhood memories. // I’ll never forget the Christmas I accidentally found my moms hidden gift stash while cleaning. When my mom found out I peeked, she told me I wasn’t going to get anything LOL. After that, every year I was her helper. I would stay up late with her, & we would use a black sharpie marker to write everyone’s names on their gifts & set them out… No fancy gift wrapping or anything like that but still so special. Fast forward to now… I stayed up late with my sharpie marker… & my handy dandy wrapping method for the gifts I was wrapping… attempting to finish this madness before my Little’s would dart out of their room to see what “Santa,” left them, just as I did growing up! // For any of you wondering about my wrapping method, it’s “Bing, bang, boom!” Whatever happens happens haha! I am no wrapping pro- as long as they’re covered, I call it good❤️As a wife & mom, nothing makes me happier than seeing smiles on my husbands and kids faces. Knowing they’re happy, makes me happy.

Christmas Day was nothing short of a blessing, and nothing short of amazing. Our kids were so excited to wake up to a living room full of gifts they asked “Santa,” for… smiling ear to ear & sharing in each other’s joy.

While seeing their eyes light up over toys is fun & special, it’s more important that our kids understand that that’s not the the meaning of our celebrating. Jesus is and always will be the reason for the season & we are so thankful for our saviors birth!Our day was spent with family and friends… good food, good music, games, football and lots of laughter. We started a new tradition with a gift exchange where everyone buys a few small gifts. They can be for women, men or something unisex. We used blue wrapping paper for male gifts, red for female & green for unisex. We dumped all the gifts into an extra large stocking & passed it around until all the gifts were gone. At the end if anyone wanted to trade, they could do so. It was a lot of fun, and a great for everyone to get a couple of gifts and keeping gifts from being costly. At the end of the day, we just enjoy each other’s company. I pray you all had an amazing day with your loved ones and that you all shared in celebration of Jesus’ birthday!

Stay blessed!



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